Celebrities and Weight Loss Surgery

I am not really much of a celebrity watcher or fan. When it comes to being in the loop – I am here and the loop is way over there somewhere. But I thought, just as an exercise, I would check out how many celebrities have had weight loss surgery. Some of them like Star Jones deny having the surgery so much that it’s pretty well accepted that she did. Others like Sharron Osborne are great supporters of WLS. How many of these people have you heard of or knew had weight loss surgery?

Adam Goldstein – DJ/Actor
Al Roker – Broadcaster
Andrae Crouch – Singer
Ann Wilson – Singer
Anne Diamond – British Broadcaster
Anne Rice – Author
Basil White – Comedian
Benedict Francis – Actor
Brian Dennehy – Actor

Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson – Singer
Caitlin Van Sandt – Actor
Charlie Weis – Football coach
Darlene Cates – Actor
Deborah Voigt – Opera Singer
Diego Maradona – Athlete
Etta James -  Singer
Fern Britton – TV Host
Gil Gerard – Actor
Glenn Shadix – Actor
Guillermo del Toro – Director
Harry Knowles – Film Critic
Ira Joe Fisher – TV Reporter
Jacki Guerra – Actor
Jennifer Holliday – Actor
Jerrold Nadler – Politician
Jess Jackson Jr. – Politician
John Day – Golfer
John Popper – Musician
Jo Marie Payton – Actor
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Actor
Kent “Big Boy” Alexander – Radio Host

- TV Host
Lulu Roman – Actress
Micheal Genardy – Actor
Mikey Robbins – TV Host
Patti Austin – Singer
Ralphie May – Comedian
Randy Jackson – Music Producer
Ron Lester – Actor
Roseanne Barr – Actor
Sandra Crouch – Singer
Sharon Osborne – TV Host

Star Jones – TV Host
Tina Malone – Actor

If you know of anymore, please add to the list.

Blake Handley
You can contact Blake at: blake.blamar@shaw.ca

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