Exercise Program for Physically Impaired or Extremely Obese

One of the hardest things to start if you’re physically impaired or obese is some form of exercise. Worst of all, obesity and physically impairment always seem to go together. Just about every over weight friend I know has some form of physically disability that prevents them from getting more active.

The more weight we put on, the more problems we have.

Finally, WL&S Support can offer a exercise program that anyone can do, no matter what physically problems you have!We have sourced a right to use agreement for an exercise program created by the University of Georgia. Just abut anyone can do the exercises in this program.

If you’re obese, the 1st thing your doctor tells you is to start exercising. Often even walking is unbearably painful. Probably the only exercising program that works for obese people is a swimming program of some sort, but frankly many people have told me they are to embarrassed to be seen in public in their bathing suites.

Now you can start in your own home, at your own pace and chose the level of exercise you can achieve.

Consistency, perseverance and regular exercise is the key. Do this program for 30 minutes, 5 times a week and you WILL make progress. This program is not about losing weight (hopefully you will) – this program is meant to get your muscles moving, increase circulatory function and tone your body.

Anyone can do these exercises! Start today! Start with 5 minutes and slowly increase your time until you reach 30 minutes. YOU can do this!

Download 12 Chair Exercises (PDF File)

Note: NEVER start any exercise program without checking with your doctor!


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