Help! – Don’t Do This Diet Mistake Like I Did

Help! – Don’t Do This Diet Mistake Like I Did!

Do Over Pls!

Do Over Pls!

Doesn’t matter if you’re dieting or a weight loss post-op. There comes a time when you want some of those “never” foods that are forbidden to be within 500 yards of our caves. You know the ones. It could be sweets or salty foods depending on your tastes. For me it’s both. :(

I longingly ogle the ice cream in the freezer aisle in my local super market and then to seriously screw with my mind, I wander over to the junk food aisle. Should I actually resist the temptation, there are several hours of depression to work through before I’m back to any normal sense of sanity.

There are, unfortunately those moments when will power loses. The ice cream goes into the shopping basket or my favourite crunchy potato chips slip under the bags of broccoli and tomatoes. Enduring my wife’s eye roll when the shopping cart is unloaded at the cash register is a small price to pay for the anticipation of the glutinous orgy in front of my TV yet to come.

Even so, after making all these poor choices – because of past experience, I’m more likely to end up only eating a small portion of my ill gotten booty.  There’s always the final moment when clearer heads actually push the junk away while shrieking; “NO MORE!” – (until next time) … Except for one very insidious little fault that I’ve found creeping into my eating pattern more and more. DON”T DO THIS! For God’s sake LISTEN to what I’m going to tell you :) next!

So, somehow my brain has figured out how to get around the cathartic moment when I throw the junk food to the floor. I call it “My Hyde Grazing”. It works like this. The cookies, cinnamon buns, chips or whatever I’ve sneaked into the house go on the kitchen counter. I open the package and take a small sample – just to test the taste so that I can savour the upcoming evening feast before the TV gods. Then life carries on with all the other things that need doing, except that I’m inexplicably drawn back to that open package for another sample.  OVER and OVER again! Small bites over hours until half of it is gone and then the REAL mistake begins.

Somehow my brain converts the half-empty package to the idea that the sooner it’s gone, the better off I’ll be. Sane people would throw the rest out. Not me! My thought process is that the sooner I finish it off – than the sooner I can begin my new “life” and not bring the stuff back into the house. Yeap, gobbling up the last half to get rid of it is THE biggest mistake ever. Don’t do it! It won’t make you feel good and a certain spiral to diet defeat.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up because you make a mistake in your eating plan. I wrote this article to show people that even those who give advice are not free from the food demons. The greatest learning from my advice is start over, right now. Get back up and move on. The past is over. Make good choice right now in this moment and let the future come, as it will. It’s the only philosophy that works for us Foodaholics. Remember – we’re all recovering :)


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