Hints For Improve Vitamin Absorption

A Short List of Hints to Improve Vitamin Absorption:

  • Take vitamins with your meals to improve your nutrition. Many supplements are best absorbed by the body if consumed along with food.
  • Check a vitamin guide, such as the one put together by the American Dietetic Association, if you are considering taking a new vitamin. Information on “Popular Dietary Supplements” can be found at the Office of Dietary Supplements website (see link).
  • Take certain vitamins in conjunction with other supplements to improve your nutrition. For instance, vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium supplements, while vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron.
  • Make sure the vitamins you take do not work against each other. Calcium, for example, should never be taken with iron, as it will hinder its absorption.
  • Spread out your regimen of vitamin supplements throughout the day, unless you are taking a multivitamins.
  • Start your morning with the B vitamins or B complexes and vitamin E to improve your overall nutrition. They should be taken early, because they boost energy and alertness.
  • Take calcium supplements in the evening. Calcium is believed to build bones better during one’s sleep than during an active state.
  • Take oil based vitamin E. Fats in the oil aid the body in maximizing absorption of Vitamin E up to 45% more than regular tablet forms.

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