Sugar Substitutes – Not For The Weak!

Photo Attribution - Ron Merk

Photo Attribution – Ron Merk

Everyone has probably heard the terrible things that happen to lab rats when their subjected to large doses of the various sugar substitutes available just about everywhere and in every product. People are always asking if it’s ok to use sugar substitutes? Will I get Cancer? Will my brain rot out?So, I’m not going the beat about the bush here. No sitting on the fence. Just a straight answer, straight up – straight out.

Maybe :) . But so what!

People don’t drink zero calorie pop or soda because the like it. They drink it because they can’t afford the extra calories in their diet. If you’re more than 20 pounds above your normal weight, the last thing you want to do is drink a regular pop/soda with 25 grams of sugar in it! For heaven sake – You might as well shovel 3 tablespoons of sugar in your face. That means any kind of juices too – they’re filled with mega empty calories. The same goes for any other food product that makes a sugar substitute version. Almost all the “real” versions of these types of foods are loaded with sugar.

Moreover, we know by now that sugar is “empty” calories.  Sugar in any form is a simple carbohydrate. Our bodies absorb it in minutes. Our blood sugar spikes and our bodies usually store all those extra empty calories that we can’t process as fat!

Not many of us fighting the challenges of being overweight have the will power to give up everything that tastes sweet. So, my recommendation to you is to accept sugar substitutes as a valid alternative to adding heaps of unnecessary calories to your diet. Be smart though – moderation is the key. You CANNOT drink 5, 2 litre bottles of diet coke in a day for years and not expect some ramifications.  In addition, if you’re younger than 25 and you’re less than 20 lbs above your normal weight, eat normal, healthy foods and stay away from sugar substitutes.

On the other hand, if you’re fighting obesity – greater than a BMI of 30, then forget about sugar substitute concerns. The co-morbidities from obesity will probably kill you way before you grow three arms or start glowing in the dark.

My personal preference is to stay away from saccharin, sold as HermesetasTM , cyclamate  marketed under the brand name SucarylTM , and Sugar Twin™.  Instead, I prefer the chemical elixirs of Aspartame which is marketed for commercial use under the brand name NutraSweetTM or EqualTM . I also like Sucralose, available as a tabletop sweetener and is marketed as SplendaTM .

Whatever you choose – USE IT IN MODERATION!

© Ron Merk

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